NEW: Watch Readings using YouTube or Zoom

In an effort to make our shows more accessible for everyone, we will now be broadcasting our virtual one act series live to YouTube in addition to the Zoom meeting platform.
 About Watching on YouTube:
No pre-arrangements are required to watch on YouTube.
Connect to our YouTube channel here on the night of the performance:
Chat will be enabled following the performance to allow watchers to ask questions or post comments.
Streaming starts 7:30 PM on the night of the performance.  Note:  There is a short delay of a few minutes before it shows on the YouTube channel.
Benefits of watching via YouTube:
  • No pre-regisration required.
  • No need to fiddle with Zoom settings to get the best presentation of the reading.
  • Watch the reading on your smart TV or TV with casting capability
  • You can join the reading late and start it again.
  • You can pause, rewind and fast forward.

Quick criteria: 

  1. It is our practice that following the reading, to open the Zoom meeting up for general discussion with the playwights, cast & crew and all the attendees.   If you don't expect to participate in that discussion then watching on YouTube is your best option.  Note:  The discussion will be included in the streaming so you will still be able to listen in.
  2. If you will be watching on a small screen such as a smart phone or tablet, then the YouTube stream is the best option.


About Watching on Zoom

Watching on Zoom requires pre-registering for the Zoom meeting where the reading will be taking place.   A pre-registration link will be provided up to a week before the reading and will be found on the BTG web page specific to the reading.

Watching on Zoom is best done using a desktop or laptop computer. 

Before the reading begins the host will give some instruction on Zoom settings to get the best view of the reading.  The two settings that are most important to set:   set display to "Gallery View", and "Hide non-video participants."  (See also: Zoom Watching Tips)

During the reading, all audience members will be required to turn off their videos and mute their microphones.

Audience members are advised that in the dicussion following the reading, they will be seen and/or heard on the YoutTube stream in accordance with how they choose to participate.

Benefits of watching on Zoom:

  • Chat in person with playwrights, cast and crew and other audience members following the performance.
  • Engage in more general discussion about the Guild and online theatre .