Complete performance now available online!


delayed performance of

Mamma Mia!


their online version of

Gilbert and Sullivan's

The Yeomen of the Guard


"How We Spent our Time During the Pandemic"

 Yeoman of the Guard Image

Yes, folks, hanging in the wings, cast and crew of the BTG Production of Mamma Mia! have been entertaining themselves while waiting, and waiting and waiting for the pandemic to end and their Show to Go ON!

It will go on!

But, in the meantime, they decided it would be campy, fun, and silly to put together an online version of the Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta, The Yeomen of the Guard.

Here is the insider information : The chorus of MM! took the lead roles in the G&S Operetta and the leads of MM! played the chorus. They rehearsed on Zoom and recorded on their phones, their iPads, their computer webcams, in their basements, bathrooms, bedrooms, doorways and on Moira's back porch. (Be forewarned:  you may hear the neighbourhood dogs barking during some of the singing!)

There is a lot of singing in an Operetta - so the players had to stay apart while putting together insane harmonies, counterpoints and archaic, obscure dialogue.  We've never had so much fun!

Planning, rehearsing, recording went on for months which was fine because the Pandemic was (is) going on too.  It gave the frustrated players a musical project and kept them very busy learning and performing while waiting and waiting and still waiting for their original show to be performed.

It was quite a juxtaposition. Picture it: the people who were cast in a Rock Opera were now playing parts in a Victorian Operetta. 

Now, we can offer this kooky event for you to see and marvel at!  We're sure you'll get a chuckle out of the effort! And, we hope to raise more funds for our Guild while we watch it. Typical of the period, is a rather lengthy show, so, the video editor, Miles Forrester, suggested we cut it into four sections. Thus, we are offering a four part series of this famous Operetta.

As of December 18th the four part video is available using the following link:

Note:  The link, through Eventbrite, will request payment of a simple donation, of say $5.00, before providing access to the performance.

Note also:  The link will remain available for months after, but this crazy hoot of an online performance will first be available to all from December 18th.

All proceeds will help our Guild. We hope that you log on to see the show, that you enjoy it, and that you promote it to your family, friends and neighbours. We would like to keep this online event active for months to come to keep raising funds for our wonderful Guild and have a good laugh at the same time.