How to Watch Using Zoom

Watching Tips
These are the watching tips explained in more detail below:
  • Join the Performance
  • Turn Off Your Microphone and Camera
  • Hide Non-Video Participants
  • See All the Actors at Once
  • When the Performance Is Over ...
If you are new to ZOOM or unfamiliar with these aspects, technical assistance will be available before the performance begins to help get everything right.
Join The Performance
When you first join through ZOOM you will be placed in the waiting room.
Please ensure that your display name reflects your full name to make it easy for us to identify you. If you don't know how to do this we can provide assistance through the chat function.
Getting into the meeting is a matter of a simple click on the part of a host and should not take long. If there is need for more information, a host may use the chat function to talk to you.
When you join the meeting, a host will be there chatting to the audience and provide additional information as required.
Turn Off Your Microphone and Camera
For the benefit of the audience and the performers please ensure that you turn off your own camera and microphone. If you have trouble turning your video and sound on or off, the host(s) can help you with this.
Hide Non-Video Participants
For your own benefit we also recommend that you change your setting to "Hide non-video participants." This will limit the number of tiles on the screen, and make the actors images larger and displayed together.
[If you don't have "Hide non video participants" set to "on" then what you will see tiles that display a name only. If you do, then you will only see people with their cameras on.]
If you are using a cell phone, this setting can be found by tapping on the three dot menu on the lower right as shown in the picture, and choosing as appropriate. ( If you don't see the dots, try tapping on the screen to make the icons appear.)
If you are using a desktop computer or something with a larger display, this pick can be found by clicking on the up arrow beside the video icon and then pick video settings. The "hide non-video participants" pick is the last pick on that list.
See All The Actors at Once
If you are watching the performance on a small screen such as a tablet or cell phone swiping left or right may allow you to see more or less of the actors at once. [Technically ZOOM calls these choices "Gallery View" which shows several people at once or "Speaker View" which only displays the person currently speaking.]
It is up to you to decide how to watch the show. Your choice does not affect anyone else.
When the Performance is Over . . .
When the performance is over feel free to hang around and listen and participate in any subsequent discussion. You are welcome to turn on your microphone and/or your camera at this time.